Introducing our playground design package

Playgrounds provide a crucial learning environment for children. The benefits children gain through unstructured play aid their learning and skill development. That’s why Learning Space Solutions offers a unique playground design package for international schools.

What is our playground design service?

Playground feature with different climbing features

At Learning Space Solutions (working in collaboration with our partner Playground Centre) we offer a playground design package to provide your school with a modern playground space that enhances learning and development.

Designing a new playground can be difficult, with many factors to consider, including design ideas, the needs of the children, and the school’s unique requirements. Our specialist playground design and installation service can help you achieve your vision of a new playground space that benefits learning and development.

We work closely with international schools globally to deliver exclusive playground designs. With our years of experience delivering high-quality playgrounds, we can overcome any hurdles your project may face.

How does our playground design package work?

How does our playground design package work?

Our playground design package seeks to design and create innovative and unique playground spaces that enhance children’s learning and development. Playgrounds provide a crucial informal learning environment for developing skills and knowledge.

They also provide an ideal environment for play experiences that uniquely complement and improve children’s learning and development alongside classroom education. However, for children to gain the most benefit from play, the right playground environment is essential.

To ensure your school playground environment contributes towards positive learning and development, we follow a 4-stage design process. Throughout the 4-stages, we focus on the user and their needs.

The 4-stages of our design process include:


Who the play space is for

The first stage of our design process is to research and discover the playground space’s requirements, usage, and needs. We begin by consulting the client to discover more about the existing playground space and location.

We also discover information about the community and who will use the playground space. During our initial discovery stage, we will arrange a site visit to assess the current space. This gives us a clear indication of the specific space requirements.

From our visit, we can determine the strengths and weaknesses of the space alongside the opportunities and threats. Later, this becomes a vital asset for the design stages to ensure the playground maximises learning and development.

During our visit, we will also arrange meetings with community members and key stakeholders to better understand:

  • Who will use the play space?
  • What are their ages, abilities and backgrounds?
  • What matters to them?


Play possibilities

After the initial discovery stage, we explore play possibilities that will shape the playground design. This stage provides a much deeper insight into the thoughts, feelings, and benefits of using a playground space.

During this stage, we closely collaborate with clients to understand better how children will use the playground space. We also try to understand how children want to feel when using a playground space or interacting with certain equipment.

Research plays a crucial part at this stage, so we focus on engaging with the community as much as possible. Whether engaging clients with design ideas or conducting focus groups, collaborating helps shape a better playground space.

As part of our research, we cover any specific play needs, factors children like and don’t like about other playgrounds, and what inspires them to play and be active. Addressing such points helps shape our playground design.

At the Explore stage, we focus on understanding:

  • Are there specific play needs?
  • What do they love/don’t love about other playgrounds?
  • What inspires them to play and be creative?


The play space solution

After the research phase, we set out to create our tailored and innovative playground design. Considering our research, discussion with stakeholders, and site analysis, it’s time to get creative.

During the design stage, we also need to ensure that we comply with regulatory requirements. From there, we can start producing visual concepts and detailed drawings of the playground space. At this stage, we will also select the play equipment to be included.

We work closely with our clients throughout the design process and encourage community consultation. The feedback we obtain on relevant themes and concepts during this stage helps refine our final playground design.

In every playground design, we apply the principles of best practice playgrounds to ensure it provides the maximum benefit for learning and development. This includes enjoyment and engagement, social interaction, sensory stimulation, agility and fitness, confidence challenge, safety, durability, easy access, and amenities.

At the Design stage, we focus on:

  • Developing design concept applying the principles of best practice playgrounds (safety certification expertise at the fore)
  • Selecting and tailoring play equipment
  • Seeking feedback
  • Finalising detailed design


Where the play comes to life

The final stage of our playground design process is delivery. After the client approves the design, we start turning the plans into reality- manufacturing the play equipment, working with our clients to prepare the site for installation, and completing safety certification.

Throughout the delivery process, safety is the number one focus. This ensures the playground is safe and ready for children to use. At the delivery stage, we focus on:

  • Manufacturing play equipment
  • Site preparation
  • Installing equipment
  • Completing safety certification via our own accredited specialists
  • Play!

What makes our playground design package different?

A climbing feature in a school playground

Our playground design package works with you every step of the way. Using research-based solutions, we ensure a user-centric, creative, and collaborative playground space to encourage unstructured play.

We focus on all-inclusive fun, sustainability, and uncompromising quality to ensure the best possible playground design and maximum play value. We place the users and clients at the centre of our design process to ensure a playground space is tailored to the school, space, and children’s needs.

By choosing our specialist playground design service, you can be sure of the right design process that saves your school valuable resources, time, and stress. Not only does this help provide a more effective design, but it delivers better outcomes, too.

Every project is different and will have varying requirements. That’s why we offer personalised support through a dedicated playground specialist to navigate every stage of the design process.

Our playground designs optimise play benefits through developmental, inclusive, and age-appropriate best-practice thinking. With our in-house expertise, you can rest assured that procurement, installation, and safety comply with legislation and regulations.

Additionally, our playground design package utilises consultation tools and specialist software to deliver 3D illustrations and plans. Such designs and documents help streamline and improve schools’ approval and decision-making processes.

How do international schools and children benefit?

Young school kids playing in a sand pit

By selecting our specialist and tailored playground design, your international schools and children can benefit from:

  • A safe and modern play environment designed with key stakeholders in mind.
  • A tailored playground design specialised to specific needs and requirements.
  • A long-term investment that increases play value and with minimal maintenance.
  • Playground equipment is designed and manufactured to your needs, design, and budget.
  • Inclusive playground equipment and designs are available to provide play for all ages and abilities.
  • Improved skill development and learning to benefit children for life.
  • Promotes physical activity and social engagement.

Our playground design package is available to international schools globally. If you want to learn more about our playground design package service or need further information, please get in touch with our team today.

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