Health & Safety Training & DT Machinery Maintenance

Health and safety in design and technology is a top priority for staff and students in the (D&T) departments. To ensure your D&T departments are safe and comply with regulations and codes of practice, we provide Health and Safety audits, D&TA accreditation training and machinery maintenance.

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Health and safety training

Alongside the Health and Safety audit, we also offer any of the elements from the D&TA accreditation scheme. The accreditation is designed to ensure that all staff working in or around a DT department is fully trained and works by the BS4163 code of practice when using machinery and tools to minimise risks to health.

The training we provide follows the accreditation scheme, enabling any staff members, including technicians, TAs, and NQTs, to be fully trained, whether completing all or part of the training program.

The training is designed around the machinery in your school’s working environment. Depending on the program chosen and the number of machines, the training program will either be a one-day or two-day course. Some of the training options we have available:

  • Basic DT teachers’ day, including band saw, circler saw, pillar drill, sanding machines, power fret saw, hand tools and basic power tools (drills and sanders).
  • Turners’ day, including centre lathe (metal) and Wood lathe training.
  • Metal machining day, including centre lathe (metal), milling machine and grinding.
  • Power tools day, including router, reciprocating saw, circular saw, biscuit jointer, angle grinder, power planer, drills, and sanders.
  • Hot metal day, including brazing hearth, forge work, pewter casting, and aluminium casting.

Other training options available include:

  • Non-DT teacher machine training day to train non-DT staff to safely use machinery
  • Annual machine servicing
  • Bespoke training programmes

Machine maintenance

All D&T departments have a daily responsibility for the machinery that they have and use. All D&T departments should ensure machinery is operational and in safe working order.

At Learning Space Solutions we offer a bespoke and professional servicing and maintenance programme. Any servicing or maintenance work carried out will be conducted by a professional, who will ensure machinery is compliant with the appropriate regulations and codes of practice.

Our machine maintenance service includes:

  • A digital report on each piece of machinery, including a description of any issues of non-compliance (via our Digital Management System).
  • Where a machine needs large-scale changes, a discussion with the school will take place before any work is carried out.
  • Fulfilling any HSE requirements for annual servicing by an outside contractor.
  • Oiling,  greasing, and testing of parts as required, such as isolator switches.
  • Full cleaning of the machine including associated LEV testing and emptying.
  • Replacement guards fitted as needed (extra cost for parts).
  • Replacement of filters (extra Cost for parts).

Digital Management System

As part of our machine maintenance service, we use a digital management system. Such a system allows for a comprehensive approach to testing and maintaining machinery.  

To conduct thorough and comprehensive maintenance tests, we use use a digital management platform. This cloud-based software helps us to organise and manage the service jobs carried out by our field service engineers. 

The cloud-based management platform ensures that tests and maintenance are conducted accurately and detailed. This allows us to provide detailed reports on each piece of machinery tested. 

The detailed report outlines the tests and work carried out per machine. Our engineers carry out all work efficiently and effectively using industry-standard documentation. 

Details that are included in our comprehensive reports include: 

  • Machine survey information 
  • Safety signage fitted and visible 
  • PPE 
  • Mechanical mandatory 
  • Mechanical advisory 
  • Safety audit comments 
  • Other work carried out 

    Health and safety audit

    Health and safety is a top priority for staff and students in the design and technology (D&T) departments. To ensure your D&T departments are safe and comply with regulations and codes of practice, we provide Health and Safety audits, D&TA accreditation training and machinery maintenance.

    Our Health and Safety audit will check that all aspects of your D&T department are safe and complies with the BS4163 code of practice, CLEAPSS guidance, and COSHH regulations across the entire department.

    A department audit, including a risk assessment, should be conducted either every 12, 24, or 36 months to check it is compliant with all aspects of best practices according to these regulations. Risks should be assessed and classed according to severity, including high risk. The audit we provide is carried out by an experienced D&T consultant who will:

    • Identify areas of good or outstanding practice.
    • Areas that require development or immediate action to adhere to the best practices.
    • Identifying control measures.
    • Provide a full written report with relevant photographic evidence and an in-depth review of the department.
    • The written report will also provide a set of recommendations, including any immediate actions.
    • Verbal feedback and a presentation of the written report are also available which can be attended by D&T staff, the school leadership team, governors, and health and safety officers.
    Health & Safety for Machinery

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