Science Lab Design and Installation

At Learning Space Solutions combined with our specialist partners we have the knowledge, expertise and team to deliver innovative and practical science labs for international schools. With a strong focus on the design of school labs, we help to support and improve STEM subjects in international schools globally.

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Science lab solutions focused on design and safety

Science labs are a crucial space for the success of STEM schools, providing a space for both research and experimentation. The science laboratory solutions we provide focus on both design and safety. In addition to following safety requirements, the science lab installations we provide are effectively designed to minimise danger to students and staff.

A major consideration in designing science labs is the layout, ensuring that everyone can move around the room easily, safety and efficiently, to minimise accidents. The furniture and materials are another consideration in designing safe science labs, including:

  • High tables or fitted benches that are arranged around service pedestals.
  • Skid-based chairs that suit the height of a workbench.
  • Using flooring that is resistant to most materials and easy to clean.
  • The material used on worktops with anti-scratch and chemical-resistant properties.

The design and installation of science labs have multiple requirements to ensure the safety of both students and teachers, including the materials used, equipment fitting, and material storage. Some of the safety considerations we include in our science lab design and installation include:

  • Proper installation of all equipment, such as plumbing and gas valves on worktops.
  • Installation of lockable cupboards to safely store harmful chemicals/equipment.
  • The use of a master key for teachers to all cupboards.
  • Storage space for bags and coats near the classroom entrance to minimise trip hazards.
Science Labs Design and Installation

Why choose us?

  • Over 90 successful International School projects completed.
  • Work closely with academic and project teams to develop learning space designs that meet each school’s unique teaching pedagogy.
  • Our global experience enables us to design creative and practical solutions to meet the aspirations of each client, providing a foundation for both teacher and student success.
  • Specialists in Design Technology, STEM, Art, Flexible Learning Spaces and Libraries
  • Sustainability is at the heart of our business, supporting schools with the carbon zero school’s framework and helping them to achieve their sustainability goals.

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