July DT training course in Dubai

Interested in learning or developing your sketching and rendering skills? Learning Space Solutions and Stuart Douglas are hosting a 3-day training course to provide you with an exciting and practical opportunity to learn and develop a range of digital sketching and rendering techniques.

Here are details about each of the training workshops you can register for!

Training Workshop 1 – Sketching and Marker Rendering (Starter)

Our first full-day training workshop, as part of our DT training course, is Sketching and Marker Rendering. This starter workshop is ideal for those looking to learn the fundamentals of sketching techniques.

The first part of the day will be dedicated to 2D sketching techniques, beginning with simple line work and basic sketching rules. The morning of the workshop will also focus on sketching equipment and a demonstration of the nuances that slight gestures, body, and paper positioning can make.

The afternoon of the training workshop will be dedicated to advanced sketching techniques, such as blue pencil, weight of line, using thick and thin lines, and marker rendering techniques (such as flat, wash, depth, and render). Shadows and highlights will also be included.

Through hands-on practical activities, the workshop will provide a valuable resource for learning how to teach sketching effectively.

Completion of the workshop will help you learn a range of both 2D and 3D sketching techniques to use in the classroom. Attendees can also benefit from learning a range of techniques to improve their communication skills and effectively present their design ideas.

The workshop is ideal for any DT teachers who wish to learn such techniques to pass on to their students to maximise results. The techniques covered in this workshop are progressive and suited for students from Y3 to Y13.

Training Workshop 2 – Digital Sketching and Rendering (Advanced)

The second of our full-day training workshops focuses on advanced digital sketching and rendering techniques. This course is ideal for those already familiar with sketching techniques or for those following on from our first workshop.

The first part of the workshop will focus on enhanced sketching. Sketched line from paper and digital, enhancing digital sketches, and the shortcuts and techniques to enhance design work will be covered.

The second part of the workshop will be dedicated to techniques for furthering designs. Specifically, the course will focus on enhanced sketching techniques such as digital sketching over photographs and models alongside adding shadows and highlights to present advanced designs.

The techniques covered in this second workshop will help enhance students’ work up to university standard and is suited for students from Y5 to Y13. Upon completion of the workshop, you’ll be able to demonstrate how to utilise the rendering, textures materials and sketching methods to students.

Throughout the workshop, you’ll be provided with hands-on practical activities and examples so you can confidently cover such techniques in the classroom.

Training Workshop 3 – OnShape 3D CAD

The last of our training workshops involves learning how to integrate 3D CAD into a digital workflow. Focusing on Onshape software, this workshop will demonstrate how you can use the Onshape 3D CAD software to model design ideas quickly.

The course will then also focus on how you can share your design ideas into a workflow for creating 3D imagery for integrating into digital sketching and rendering. The workshop will also cover how you can share Onshape files into digital sketches alongside rendered AR with digital sketching.

The knowledge and experience gained from this workshop is cutting-edge, high-level stuff, that’s both super cool and will create the WOW factor in class! Other advanced techniques that will be covered include:

  • Basic Onshape feature modelling
  • Modelling over sketch work (both digital and paper)
  • Using extrusions, resolves, surfaces, shells, splits, perspective views and instructions with digital sketches for an integrated workflow
  • Demonstrations on exporting to AR

Combining CAD and AR with digital sketches will be encouraged in the course, with discussions on the positive use of AI for concept idea generation. A perfect companion to our other two training courses that is ideal for all DT teachers.

Course Details


The course will be held at Repton School, Dubai-Nad Al Sheba 3


The course will take place in July. The first workshop (Sketching and Marker Rendering) will be held on Monday 3rd July 2023.

The second workshop (Digital Sketching and Rendering) will be held on Tuesday 4th July 2023.

The last workshop (3D CAD) will be held on Wednesday 5th July 2022.

How much?

It is £595 for the entire course with all 3 workshops. If you wish to take part in 2 workshops, the price is £495. One workshop is £350.

Stuart Douglas Bio

Each of the workshops will be delivered by renowned CAD professional Stuart Douglas. Considered a CAD guru, Stuart is a highly successful DT subject leader. Stuart started at Ripley St Thomas CE Academy, Lancaster for 16 years before becoming Head of DT at Rugby School Thailand for 5 years.

Stuart is qualified as an Advanced Skills Teacher and Specialist Leader of Education, alongside being a course leader for a DT University Secondary PGCE. He has also been shortlisted twice for the ISA award for using digital technology in learning and creativity in learning.

Alongside gaining a master’s degree in educational leadership and innovation (where he focused on the teaching of 3D CAD), Stuart was also awarded the IET Outstanding Contribution to post-16 education award.

As well as presenting lectures at various technology and engineering conference, Stuart was a consultant to the Design and Technology Association. During this time, he co-developed the NC programme of study for the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Our DT training course provides a superb CPD opportunity through 3 exciting and stimulating workshops. With such a range of informative and practical experiences you can gain for use in the class with students, this course is a must for all DT teachers!

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