Integrated Digital Design with Timber & Resin Pouring Skills

Integrated Digital Design with Timber & Resin Pouring Skills

The outcome of this 3 day course will be a side table / coffee table top, based upon geometric patterns incorporating the skill of Resin pouring. You will learn to use some of the drawing assist guides in Procreate to generate digital ideas which will then be taken through to Onshape to model in 3D.

Your work will then be output to a laser cutter; AR for Virtual Rendering; and back to Procreate for 3D digital sketching. You will learn masking techniques for rendering in 3D as well as developing an advanced digital design workflow.

Guidance will be given on how to create moulds for school workshops using standard equipment and the steps for resin pouring, including things to watch for and typical mistakes made by students.

You will create your own moulds for resin pouring and then combine some hardwood timber with resin to create some crafted products. You will cut and shape some hardwoods into your digitally designed pattern to form a mixed material side / coffee table top incorporating some areas of poured resin

Guidance and tips and tricks will be given on finishing the resin and timber, with examples shown.

This will be a hands-on course with demonstrations, instruction and advice given by Stuart Douglas, Head of Design & Technology at Rugby School Thailand.

Stuart will share how this project is run at his school, through a website, and the many options, contexts, skills and opportunities for development the project has at your own school.

Stuart has been experimenting with resin poured projects with students for over 3 years and so can share hands on, real advice etc.

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Day One

Introduction to the project via a bespoke website. Investigating suitable contexts. Resin pouring and mould making. Initial Design Using Procreate and layout grids. Transfer Design work into Onshape 3D CAD. Make a mould for Side table / coffee table.

Day Two

Complete Onshape modelling of pattern. Exporting Onshape to laser cutter. Exporting Onshape to procreate. Exporting Onshape to AR. Mixing & Pouring Resin. Tips & techniques for pouring resins. Laser cutting baseboard and manufacture of timber parts. Pouring resin. Rendering in AR. Digital rendering in Procreate.

Day Three

Rendering in AR. Digital rendering in Procreate. Removal of table top from mould. Finishing techniques for table top. Final assembly in Onshape. Exporting to AR and Procreate. Website & links. Take away the table top to ‘fine’ finish in your own school.

Couse Dates

21st, 22nd and 23rd October, Beijing
24th, 25th and 26th October, Shanghi

£595.00 includes three days workshop training, lunch and refreshments on the day.

Stuart Douglas Bio

Each of the workshops will be delivered by renowned sketching and 3D CAD professional Stuart Douglas. Considered an expert in advanced sketching & presentation techniques and a 3D CAD guru, Stuart is also a highly successful D&T subject leader. Stuart worked as Head of Faculty at Ripley St Thomas CE Academy, Lancaster, UK for 20 years before becoming Head of D&T at Rugby School Thailand for the past 6 years.

Stuart is qualified as an Advanced Skills Teacher and Specialist Leader of Education, alongside being a University Course Leader for a Secondary D&T PGCE and Assistant Headteacher. He has been shortlisted twice for ISA awards for the use of digital technology in learning and creativity, and in 2023 won the ISA award for Innovation and Creativity in Learning.

Alongside gaining a Masters degree in Educational Leadership and Innovation (where he focused on the teaching of 3D CAD) from Warwick University, Stuart was also awarded the IET Outstanding Contribution to Post-16 Education award.

As well as presenting keynote lectures and workshops at various Technology and Engineering conferences, Stuart was a consultant to the Design and Technology Association. During this time, he co-developed the NC programme of study for the Royal Academy of Engineering, written projects and training materials and has co-authored a number of textbooks.

Our D&T training course provides a superb CPD opportunity through 3 exciting and stimulating workshops. With such a range of informative and practical experiences you can gain for use in the class with students, this course is a must for all D&T teachers!

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