Early Years Training – Alexandra Chiorando

Designed for – This course is suitable for early years professionals, educators, teachers, early years leads, headteachers and early years managers in schools, kindergartens and nurseries. The sessions will explore some of the most important aspects of quality early years provision, significantly contributing to your professional development and knowledge of best practice in early years education. This is a course designed to have the option to attend either one of the days or the two day course.

What you will cover on the two day course

We will explore 5 main areas of Early Years provision:

  • Understanding Children’s Behaviour
  • Communication and Language
  • How Young Children Learn-Tuning into Schemas
  • Practical Early Maths
  • The Power of Play Outdoors

Course Dates

Day 1: 25 September 2024, Beijing
Day 2: 26 September 2024, Beijing

Day 1:
28 September 2024, Shanghai
Day 2: 29 September 2024, Shanghai

Course Outline:

Day 1

Session 1 – Supporting big feelings, self-regulation and confidence through the power of connection and play.

This session explores our sensory systems, how children communicate needs through behaviour, self-regulation, executive function, the power of connection, independence, movement and effective strategies for working with early years children. Supporting children’s well-being and understanding what they are trying to communicate through their behaviour is the bedrock of outstanding Early Years Practice. I will link research with my years of practice to discover games, explore resources and try out techniques that you can use in your setting straight away.

Session 2 – Communication and Language

Communication is the most significant indicator of future health, well-being, and educational outcomes (McQueen and Williams, 2022). In this session, we will look at ways of ensuring continuous, rapid progress for all Early Years children through play, the power of stories and continuous provision. We will explore communication friendly spaces and look at how to empower children to communicate effectively. Discover useful resources, look at best practice, take part in games and learn about active story telling in this dynamic session.

Day 2

Session 1 – Tuning into play – exploring Schemas in the Early Years.

Schemas are recurring patterns of behaviour that children exhibit during their exploration of the world. These behaviours reflect their innate drive to understand how things work.

Children’s play is not only fascinating but also incredibly insightful. By recognising different schema and understanding what activities and resources engage children, educators can create enriching learning environments. This course aims to explore nine key schema and provide practical strategies to support children’s learning based on this knowledge. Participants will learn to understand how children think, allowing them to effectively challenge and nurture their development. We will explore resources and enabling environments that can be easily used in your setting to support the main 9 schema.

Session 2 – Early Maths – Practical ways to teach maths through play and continuous provision

Strong mathematics development in the early years is vital. Research shows that early mathematical knowledge predicts later reading ability and general education and social progress. Children who start behind in mathematics tend to stay behind throughout their whole educational journey. This session will explore ways that you can embed the 6 key areas of mathematical learning through play and continuous provision. We will focus on the 6 key areas of mathematical development, using a variety of play resources (including the most important resource-you!) Finish the session with a toolkit of ideas that will help your children to make rapid progress with their mathematical development.

Session 3 – Physical Development

Physical Development in the Early Years is a vital part of our practice. Physical play opportunities help with bone density, movement skills, respiratory health, immune system function, and eyesight. Daily physical play improves well-being, resilience, self-esteem, emotional health regulation and interpersonal skills.

A physically active child improves their social skills, creativity, critical thinking, enquiry skills and learning across all 7 areas of learning.

Now, more than ever, we need to offer children a huge range of opportunities to be physical in their play and learning. Discover lots of practical ways that you can embed physical development in your daily play. These skills will help children with their general mobility, focus, handwriting and self-care routines.

 These sessions are based on current research and best practice. They will leave you feeling inspired and ready to elevate practice in your setting.

Join us for an enriching two-day course tailored to educators keen on delving into pivotal aspects of early years education. Our programme promises a dynamic and enjoyable learning experience, harmoniously blending theory with practical applications that can be seamlessly implemented in your early years setting. Empowering you with actionable insights, this course will equip you to effect meaningful, positive changes in your approach, ultimately enhancing the learning journey for young children.

Price for either day 1 or day 2 is £245.
£245 – Includes one day workshop training, lunch and refreshments.
£395 – Includes two days workshop training, lunch and refreshments.

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Meet your Trainer: Alexandra Chiorando

The children are at the heart of everything I do.

I am passionate about high quality education and firmly believe that children will thrive when they feel heard and respected.

I have over 30 years’ experience teaching, working as a SENCO and as part of an SLT in Schools. I have also held senior roles in private nursery settings.

I am a former EY Ofsted Inspector and have worked as an Associate Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University.

I currently work as an independent consultant with schools, nurseries and childminders across the UK and internationally.

I love exciting projects and have recently worked as a consultant for BBC Bitesize. I am currently working with an independent video production company on a new TV programme for young children.

I love public speaking and regularly deliver large group training for nursery groups and school clusters. I really enjoy delivering training internationally. For the last 2 years I have particularly enjoyed delivering training for the First7 group in Romania. This year I have also delivered a workshop for the Childcare and Education Expo in London.

I recognise that Early Years Practitioners and Teachers want to develop their practice through high quality training, coaching and consultation. My approach is fun, hands on and personalised to you.

I love children and I am always most at home when I’m playing and chatting to little people. I live with my husband and 2 sons in Altrincham, Cheshire, UK.

Alexandra Chiorando