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At Learning Space Solutions, we specialise in designing and installing music and creative art spaces. Working with our specialist partner, Chamberlain Music, we provide expert support on every step of the journey from aspiration to implementation.

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Consultation and Design

Consultation and Design

We have years of experience in guiding music educators through a changing landscape. Exam shifts have sparked a renewed focus on creativity, expanding the curriculum beyond traditional subjects like notation, aural, recorder, and singing.

Today, students explore their musicality through improvisation and composition, demanding adaptable music and creative art spaces and updated equipment.

Our unwavering commitment to impartial advice has extended to the wider creative curriculum, including integrating exciting new technologies.

Recognising the gap in expertise when designing creative learning environments, we bridge the knowledge gap.

We are champions of both educators and students, offering clarity and focus from project inception. Working in collaboration with Chamberlain Music throughout the design and construction phases, we ensure considerations like acoustic separation, room flow, and audio connectivity are seamlessly addressed.

A team of specialists with exceptional creative skills matches our passion for education. We combine this with a keen awareness of budgetary constraints, understanding that the most effective solutions aren’t always the most complex or expensive.

Installation and Training

We empower educators to maximise their potential with in-depth training on every aspect of their new equipment. Teachers can progress at their own pace, receiving ongoing support to ensure they master every functionality.

We provide seamless project execution through our collaboration with our trusted specialist partners. This ensures meticulous implementation of design plans, preserving the project’s integrity and delivering your vision flawlessly.

We offer comprehensive installation services, partnering with industry leaders to deliver unmatched quality at every stage. We cater to diverse creative curriculum needs, installing everything from stage lighting and sound systems to ICT suites and digital studio wiring.

Our ultimate goal is to equip your school with everything necessary to cultivate thriving music and creative art spaces.

Music ICT Step-by-Step

We’ve helped international schools worldwide harness the power of technology in music education. Our expertise is creating customised music ICT solutions to support a relevant and engaging music curriculum.

  • Design:
    We design tailor-made music ICT systems leveraging our extensive experience. Our specialist team will collaborate with engineers and architects to ensure seamless integration with your building infrastructure, guaranteeing your vision comes to life.
  • Pre-installation:
    We streamline your setup by pre-installing software packages and hardware drivers onto your new computers. This lets you focus on teaching from day one, with everything pre-configured and ready to go. Additionally, we offer flexible options for deploying Sibelius licenses, whether pre-installed or through your network server.
  • Server configuration:
    If multiple Apple computers are required, we seamlessly integrate them into your existing Active Directory through an Apple server. This can be complex, but our expertise simplifies the process. We’ll configure the server, handle username creation/migration, and ensure managed preferences are applied, saving you time and hassle.
  • Installation:
    We provide everything you need for a complete music ICT suite solution. This includes computers (with an optional server), keyboards, audio interfaces, network cabling, switches, and bespoke furniture. Expertly installed and ready to use, our setups are tidy, easily maintained, and designed to optimise the integration of music and technology.
  • Training:
    We provide a comprehensive training program to equip your staff with a deep understanding of the software’s capabilities. We will also guide you to seamlessly integrate the technology into the music curriculum, ensuring effective use in the classroom. Additionally, optional training for your IT technicians (if applicable) will equip them with the skills to manage server software, providing a complete and hassle-free solution.
  • Support:
    Our remote support package provides fast and reliable solutions for your music department. It covers general advice and assistance with system issues. This approach enables us to resolve almost any query or problem remotely, saving you time and minimising disruption.

Why choose us?

  • Over 90 successful International School projects completed.
  • Work closely with academic and project teams to develop learning space designs that meet each school’s unique teaching pedagogy.
  • Our global experience enables us to design creative and practical solutions to meet the aspirations of each client, providing a foundation for both teacher and student success.
  • Specialists in Design Technology, STEM, Art, Flexible Learning Spaces and Libraries
  • Sustainability is at the heart of our business, supporting schools with the carbon zero school’s framework and helping them to achieve their sustainability goals.

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